Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is that a Mormon thing?

Meeting blog friends has got to be one of the best experiences out there.  Seriously.  My meet up with MiMi still remains one of my best memories.

And now I have a new best memory to add to my list. 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with beautiful Vivienne!  Viv is one of the first blog friends I made back when I started blogging in 2009.  She quickly became an online friend and I always felt that she was someone I would love to spend time with in real life.

Guess what?  I was right!  Vivienne is not only beautiful, but warm and funny and sweet.  She is smart and sassy, but completely down to earth and real.  I always got that vibe from her, and it was so nice to see that she is exactly what she seemed.

Stole this picture from Vivienne, because I have a dumb phone that takes dumb pictures!

I first got to spend time with her at the airport while she was waiting for another friend to get in.  They were both coming here for the SNAP blog conference.  I met her for lunch and we just hung out and chatted at the airport while she waited.  She had lots of questions about our Utah culture, and the predominant faith - Mormonism. The best line of our visit came when we noticed a guy holding a big sign (which we couldn't see, because his back was to us), and welcoming people with seashell necklaces as they came through the gates.  Vivienne turned to me and said, "Is that a Mormon thing?"  She decided that would be her standard question whenever she saw something weird on her visit!

We did some quick sight-seeing when her 2 roomies got in, and then they dropped me off at home.  When the conference was over, she came to dinner at our house and then we went to Temple Square.  Because you just can't visit Salt Lake City without seeing temple square.

It was a beautiful day, and we had a wonderful time spending the afternoon with "that fancy girl who's not a Mormon" - Monkey's way of referring to Viv when she couldn't remember her name the next day.

I am so, so glad I had the opportunity to meet her in real life, and am so grateful to call her friend!  I can't wait until we make our Cali trip (planned for next summer), so we can all visit with her again!


Myya said...

Is that a Mormon thing??? Haaa! I am SO gonna use that too!!

So you are planning a trip to Cali huh... maybe I'll have to plan a trip that way to see my SIL & we could meet up for an afternoon too :)

Rebecca said...

i want to go to CA and how cool to meet a friend i love that

Our 365 Days said...

oh how fun!! I remember when I first met up with my "best blogger friend"... Loved it!

Our 365 Days said...

oh how fun!! I remember when I first met up with my "best blogger friend"... Loved it!

Emmy said...

I got to meet her on Friday!! She is great. Maybe just because she knew her way around but she felt like the wise mother of the group. She is so beautiful. And yes us Mormons do have our weird things ;).
I would love to meet you too sometime!!

Macey said...

I still LOL when I hear the whole, "Is that a Mormon thing?!"
I swear, hilarious.
And her pictures don't do her justice, she's much prettier even in real life!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Aw! What a nice post and kind words! I had such a great time and I so LOVED that you and your whole family welcomed me into your home and showed me Temple Square. You were just how I thought you'd be too! Funny, genuine, sweet (the kind of mom I can relate to because I think we handle our kids in the same way!) ;) Please tell Monkey that I love my new nickname.

FrouFrouBritches said...

FUN! I love that you get to meet blog friends and make them real life friends. She sounds like a hoot!

That picture of Temple Square is gorgeous! The one of you and Viv is cute too. ;)