Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long time no blog!

Ha ha. I'm so clever. Okay...I was having a hard time coming up with a title.

How the heck has everyone been?

I haven't visited any of you in FOREVER! But, I had to stay home from church today because my little Pixie is sick. And since I don't ever do Ribbon Blossoms work on Sunday, I have the best reason to spend my time getting caught up with y'all! I can't wait to get around and get visiting!

Nothing too exciting to report here. At the kids' school we're still on the hunt for a new director to replace our current fabulous one. I can't understand why "Dean of Education" is a more appealing position than "director of a tiny charter school". So it's a really prestigious position, and a lot more money, for a lot less what? I guess that's the risk of hiring someone fabulous, there's always someone else looking to steal them away from you!

Last night had a girls' night out with Tanielle. We did a little shopping (nothing exciting - trust me!) and then headed over to the dollar theatre to see The Proposal. I had seen it over the summer, but she never had, and I was more than willing to see it again. We had a great time, and a little adventure in locating the owner of a cell phone that slid down the theatre floor and crashed into Tanielle's foot.

Spent Friday at my moms getting caught up on DVR'd episodes of SYTYCD that I had missed. Can I just say...I am so proud of Utah? The Salt Lake City auditions were AMAZING! I can't wait to see how many Utahns make it into the top 20. I guarantee Utah will be represented in the finals.

I guess that's about all for now...sorry so boring! But now I'm off to start visiting!


Liz Mays said...

I loved The Proposal too. I would have seen it twice as well.

I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

Unknown said...

Just watched the SLC SYTYCD show- and I will agree- the girls were fantastic!!

Hope you have a good Sunday and hope Pixie is better!!


Lisa Anne said...

I hope she feels better!!

shortmama said...

Hope the little one feels better soon!

Emmy said...

I haven't seen the Proposal yet, definitely have to add it to my list.
Hopefully Pixie gets better soon.

jennykate77 said...

You're NEVER boring! Hope Pixie is feeling better today! I've been a blogger slacker lately too. I have so much work to do this week, so I'm not sure it will change much until I get a free day at home to just blog hop!

Hope you have a great week!♥

Rachelle said...

I haven't seen The Proposal either. I have no clue what it's about. Guess I'll have to check it out. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Have fun catching up!

P.S. When you did the post about your daughters cutting their hair for locks of love, I'd mentioned that my daughter was going to do that too. Well, she did, this last weekend!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Yay for girls' night!! We used to have a Dollar Theatre... now we have to suck it up and pay upwards of $9 to go to a movie. I loved The comes out on DVD tomorrow. :)

I thought Utah was AWESOME in auditions. There was one moment in Vegas that I was really really ticked at the judges for letting someone go, but I am excited to see this week's episodes. :)

DWTS is really really boring for me this season. I think Donnie Osmond is pretty good and at the very least, he is entertaining. :) The others I fast forward through. I adore Derek Hough and Mark Ballas (sp?), but I don't care for their partners....I like Melissa Joan Hart, but her dancing is soooo bad to be paired with someone as talented as Mark.....jmo....

Missed your posts like crazy!!! Thanks for all the sweet comments. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes being uneventful in life is a good thing!

Small House said...

My daughter loves SYTYCD! I told her she needed to try out when they came to SLC. To scared! Don't blame her.

Have a great day.

Sare said...

Just Hi. I've missed you while I've been absent. Hope all is well!!! OH!!! and I am going to have another project for MPM!!! YEAH!!! that's two in a ROW!!! you've got me totally hooked!!