Sunday, October 4, 2009

Come Listen To A Prophet's Voice...

How blessed I feel to be able to sit with my family every six months and listen to the words of Prophets.

I love General Conference. I love the feeling of renewal, rededication and recommitment to living the gospel more fully that I get each time I sit and listen to conference. I love the spirit that fills our home as we sit together as a family and hear the things the Lord wants us to know.

Sure, we have to often "shhsh" the youngest ones, or remind the kids (and ourselves) once in a while, to sit up and pay attention. But the spirit is stronger than these distractions and talking with our children about what we've learned, and how we can apply it in our family is such a gift, one I am repeatedly grateful for.

Sometimes we have our children draw pictures of whoever is speaking at the time. They are able to use the T.V. as a reference yet not be too distracted to hear the message. Sometimes they get to write down 3 things that the speaker talks about, or draw a picture of the temple. This time we tried without the activities. Our oldest 2 are definitely mature enough to sit and listen without needing to entertain themselves, but I think we'll go back to the listening activities for the youngest 2 in April!

I've loved all the talks. I really loved President Uchtdorf's talk yesterday, and of course President Monson's today. Also President Eyring's and Bishop Burton's talks really stood out to me today. I think we're going to take the challenge of using the conference talks for Family Home Evening for the next 6 months, and focus on a different talk each week. Have any of you done this before, and how did it work out in your family?

I also had the privilege of attending the General Relief Society Meeting last Saturday with my mom and my cousin. We rode the trax train up to the conference center and spent the evening being uplifted with messages on charity and the history and purpose of the Relief Society. I have been to the conference center a few times for conference, and President Hinckley's Birthday Celebration. Each time I sit and think "I'm sitting in the presence of prophets". It is truly humbling.

I am so grateful to know that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. To know he atoned for my sins, and suffered all that he might know my pain and heartache, that he is able to give me comfort and direction through my trials. I'm grateful for His example of a perfect life, that I may have that example to try to be more perfect in my life. That He showed me a life of perfect service, to inspire me to love and serve others. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who loved me so much that he was willing to send his Son to suffer and die that I might live. I'm grateful for a young boy who had the faith to pray for direction in joining the true church. Who suffered great persecution in defense of his beliefs, and who ultimately restored the full and everlasting gospel to the earth that blesses my life each day.

I know this may sound arrogant to some, but I have truly felt the Holy Ghost testify to me that these things are true. And finally, I am so grateful to live in a nation where I am free to worship in the manner in which I believe.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.


Emmy said...

Thank you for sharing this. And your right conference is always wonderful.
I loved Elder's Bednar's talk and Elder Holland's talk today, wow the man was on fire!

Grandma Buttercup said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony. I too loved conference. And my son said that on Sat. night Pres. Monson talked about anger - that it is a tool of the devil. No one makes us angry -we let ourselves get angry. He's right and I am determined to learn to better control my emotions.

Koko said...

Thank you for your beautiful testimony. Thank you for raising your children righteously and with honor...for expecting great things from them. One of my students today said he liked the talk about how parents need to teach their children (instead of feeling like they're forcing the Church on them) for how will they make a decision without truth? They loved Elder Holland's strong testimony of the BOM and of course President Monson's. I made up a Jeopardy game that you can use at FHE if you want...just email Jamie because I emailed her a copy (or tell me your email on my blog). Thanks again for sharing -- GREAT Conference!

Jen @ said...

Weren't the talks wonderful? I love pajama church! I printed off the Primary conference packets for the kids. They really liked them and it helped keep them focused.

Have a great week this week!


Small House said...

Beautiful testimony! It was a wonderful weekend! It's always such a privelage to hear from our leaders. We truly are blessed.

Have a great day.

Grace @ One Craft Girl's Corner said...

I appreciate your courage when you post. It's very refreshing. I'm a convert of almost six years, and I love the church. It has truly changed my life. My mom joined the church three years ago, and she loves her ward very much. We are truly blessed by the gospel. Thank you for this post.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I love that you have the kids draw pictures and list topics. That is brilliant!
Very moving post. Thanks for sharing.