Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lots of pennies, less hair and bike riding.

Remember last week when I told you that Cowgirl was getting her hair chopped for Locks of Love, and Bookworm was riding his bike 40 miles to raise money for cancer research, and Pixie was anxious to see if her grade would once again win the Penny wars?   Are you ready for an update?

Bookworm's ride is Friday, and he is excited, but also nervous - wondering if he will be able to ride the full distance.  I have faith in him!  But he also hasn't ridden much at all since winter got over, so we're not sure what level his endurance is at right now!  Fingers crossed!

Once again Pixie's grade won the penny wars!  This makes 4 years running - I think the rest of the school is beginning to feel a little bit humiliated by this group that started out as Kindergarteners, and has continued to beat them every year!!

The penny wars raised $1,009.38!!  A total of 50,000 coins were collected!

I know you're all dying to see Cowgirl's hair.  Here's a reminder of "before":

(windy day!) 

She was interviewed for the news!

The drama unfolding:

Cowgirls' grin while she's getting it chopped cracks me up!

We had 16 students and 4 adults donate a total of 252 inches of hair!!

I'll update you on how the bike ride goes next week.  Bookworm has been busy collecting pledges for each mile he rides.  The 8th grade has set a goal of raising $12,000!  I'll let you know if they reach it - it's quite a lofty goal!  

If you'd like to help, you can donate here.  All donations go directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to help fund cancer research.

I'm proud of my school and proud of my kids and cancer sucks and I can't wait until we kick it's butt.

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Unknown said...

that is an awesome cute hair cut!! You have every right to be proud of your kids. They are super!

VandyJ said...

She looks adorable with that after hair and that was a lot of hair to donate.
Good luck to Bookworm on his ride.

Anonymous said...

That's cool she did that; I've been thinking of donating but you need 10 full inches, right?

Connie said...

That's a lot of hair and many pennies!!

Impulsive Addict said...

She looks ADORABLE with her new hair style! I love it! Does she love it too? Do we have a date tonight? And maybe tomorrow night too? You seem to be in the know with when our shows come on. =)

Thanks for linking up! That's awesome news to share with us! I'll be hoping that Bookworm and the 8th grade meets their goal!

Macey said...

The fact that Bookworm is going to even attempt a 40 mile ride is awesome.
Cowgirl is SO STINKIN CUTE! I've said it before. Oh yeah, she's gonna move in with me for a bit! Duh, I forgot!

jennykate77 said...


Cowgirl looks ADORABLE with her new short hair do!

And 40 miles?!?! That's crazy!

You're raising such good kiddos, X!

Emmy said...

So cool that she got interviewed! And she looks great with short hair. So awesome

Nicole said...

Awe her hair looks so cute. And donating hair like that is awesome! I've done it twice although I keep saying I won't do it again (I hate short hair) but I keep doing it :).

Chell said...

Her hair is so cute! 40 miles... wow, totally crazy!

Karen M. Peterson said...

You must be so proud. What great kids! And definitely a worthy cause.

Shawn said...

I'm so proud of all of kiddos and the things they are doing to help others. It's a direct reflection to you and your incredible parenting!

Cowgirls hair looks amazing, Honey just mentioned last night wanting to do it which surprised me since she's so in love with her gorgeous head of hair, we'll see if it was just just a passing thought.

Thanks for linking up!

Oh and the no soliciting sign on your door made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

She looks fabulous!

Lynn said...

Hooray for Cowgirl!!!! I grow hair for Locks of Love. I am a hair farmer!
This way I am doing something when I am not doing a thing!
I can't wait to hear about the conference!

Lynn said...

Hooray for Cowgirl!!!! I grow hair for Locks of Love. I am a hair farmer!
This way I am doing something when I am not doing a thing!
I can't wait to hear about the conference!