Monday, April 16, 2012

He said what??

I thought it was high time for another embarrassing story.  Only this time it was my son who was embarrassed.  And I thought I'd extend the experience for him by putting it online for all the world to see.

A little background:  The director of our charter school (we'll call him Rick) is also our neighbor and friend, and he is my son's scout-master. The assistant director/part time math teacher (we'll call him Dan) is also a family friend, whom I went to school with and then reconnected with a few years ago, and had him come apply at the school.  He is also my son's geometry teacher.

Last week I was in the school doing prospective teacher interviews for our new campus with the new director for that campus.  Since the new school isn't yet built, we were using Rick's office.  The interviews went long, so my kids were left sitting in the lobby for about an hour and a half after school got over!  I finally had to leave the last interview before it was done.  I stepped out of Rick's office and headed through the reception area and out to the lobby, but then Rick and Dan who were sitting in the reception area, asked me what I thought of the interviews.  So I poked my head back in and we talked for about 5 minutes about the candidates.

When the kids and I were finally in the car and headed down the road they asked me what took so long.  I explained to them that I thought I they only had 1 interview scheduled for me, but it ended up being 4!!  Then they asked me what positions the people were applying for.  After I told them that, they asked who I was talking to at the end forever, before we finally left.  Here is how the convo went:

Me: "Oh, I was just talking to Rick and Dan for a sec."

Son (you must read this part out loud to appreciate it): "Wow, that sure was a lot of sec's!!"

Me: "Son!!"

Son:  "Oh my gosh!  I didn't mean that!  Oh my gosh, wow, I can't believe this."

He was mortified to have said that to his mom.  And dies a little more everytime I repeat the story!

So I repeat it frequently.  You are welcome.


Rebecca said...

OMG that is too funny

Emmy said...

Lol! haha too funny! Poor kid. hehe

Macey said...

That still pops into my head at random times and makes me laugh out loud!

jennykate77 said...

That is so hilarious...more so that he was so mortified!! LOL. YOu'll need to repeat that one for the next...oh, 20 years or so. ;)

Be sure it makes it into the Senior Yearbook.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...