Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Things:

Monday, Monday - what to blog about?  I actually had a great weekend and thought I'd share a few of the good things:

Easter - obviously.  Gorgeous day here in Utah, wonderful church service, followed by a great afternoon with the fam.  

Family Fun on Friday - It was a soccer weekend, date night with the Hubby.  But Friday was about the kids.  We headed to the stadium for Friday Friendly.  It's a free little mini-party for fans with food, prizes, a video FIFA tournament, and fun kiddie activities.  The kids enjoyed the bounce-house, and trying to kick the ball into the goal.  I enjoyed winning one of the drawings.  Hello Subway giftcard, Chile Verde giftcard, RSL Christmas tree decoration, and RSL/Budweiser beer glass (Do you think the glass will be offended that it will be used for drinking mostly milk or water, with maybe the occasional soda?).

New music to love - I have some great new music to share.  It's the highlight of my post - I hope you'll listen!  Saturday when we got to the stadium, Carnival ReAL was going on.  It's a little pre-game carnival with fun booths and games and such.  Saturday they had live music!  We were headed into the stadium, but this song caught my attention.  I asked Hubby could we please go over to the grass and listen for a bit.  We don't often enjoy the same music, but we both dug what we heard from local band, Argyle.  They sound great, and as an added bonus are super cute.  You know I have to give a shout-out whenever I stumble upon some great home-grown talent!  I seriously am proud of the talent we have here in Utah, and I like to help spread the word whenever I can!  I hope you'll take a listen, I think you'll like what hear.  If you do, I encourage you to go over and like them on facebook!

They sound great, right?  Totally using my iTunes gift card to snag their album.

And last but definitely not least:


My boys kicked some Colorado trash!  The Colorado Rapids are basically our archnemeses.  We battle every year for the Rocky Mountain Cup.  There is nothing like a rivalry to bring out my trash-talking, ref-scolding, loudmouth healthily competitive side.    We dominated the first leg Saturday night, the atmosphere was amazing, and the boys played like champions!  It was a great night.

The fans bring down the house.  Always.  Credit

How was your Easter weekend?  Hope it was great like mine!!

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FrouFrouBritches said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Where did you and Hubby go for date night? So excited you were a big winner! WOO HOO!

I like the band. They have a unique sound, huh?

Miss Angie said...

Oh man, I LOVE them. That was pretty good, thank you for sharing and for linking up with me! :)

Glad you had a great weekend!

Macey said...

oooooh, I LIKE!!! Fun and sounds summery!

Emmy said...

Glad you had a good weekend and that your boys won- that always makes things better :)

Rebecca said...

wow what an awesome weekend

Karen M. Peterson said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

And I think as long as you don't TELL your beer glass that it's a beer glass, it won't be offended by what you drink out of it. ;-)