Monday, February 6, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday.

That's gonna be my new thing.  So what if I totally ripped off the title from something I saw back in blogland years ago when I first started blogging?  If you are the original person who coined the phrase, "Tackle it Tuesday", just lemme know and I'll come up with something else!

I've decided that in order to make sure I can start checking off some of the projects/tasks I have in mind to whip my home into order, I'll tackle a project each Tuesday and blog about it!  I will be sharing some of the corners of my home that I try desperately to hide from people who visit.  I'm a little nervous for you to see, please don't judge me!

So I have this bookshelf at the end of the hall.  It was crammed so full of books that sadly, some books got ruined by my kids trying to cram more when there wasn't room!  Eventually they just started getting stacked on the floor in a pile in front of the shelf.  It seriously was becoming a hazard!  It's right in front of our bedroom door on one side of the hall, and the girls' door on the other side!

Did I forget to mention the games, sombrero, pictures and other miscellaneous junk that has been shoved on the top?

Piles of books that don't fit on the shelf.

Also, there's this lovely little space between the wall and side of the shelf that the kids think is a place to shove crap when they're supposed to be cleaning it up.

So I decided to hunker down and get to work.  Had the garbage can handy, and then sorted into piles:  baby/board books, children's picture books, first chapter books, older chapter books, young adult fiction, adult novels, church books and reference books.  I also had a pile for trashed books, and books to give to the DI.  Then there was just the papers and other crap that had been shoved in there by lazy kids that needed to be thrown in the garbage.  I also found 2 hair bows, some Legos, and Polly Pockets.  Nice.

After replacing the books, arranged by their different categories, the view down my hallway is much more pleasant.

BAM!  First project done.  On to the next one!  Today I'm linking up with these hot chicas:


Mrs. Match said...

I love a nice organized bookshelf. Looks a million times better!

Anonymous said...

looks good!

Myya said...

Now come do mine!

Mamarazzi said...

SUHWEET!! you tackled the crap outta that!!

and really, is anything in the blogsphere original?


but everyone thinks they own WORDS.

don't worry about "stealing" that's silly.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I might have to follow your lead and just pick a day to tackle one project at a time - since I tend to procrastinate when there are so many looming over my head, it's hard to know where to start. The bookshelf looks 100 times better! :)

Madonna Still Rocks, M.I.A. Steals the Headlines, and Another Stray Cat

FrouFrouBritches said...

You go girl! It looks so good! Don't worry. We have TONS of those messy little projects at my house. No judgement here. Fantastic job!

VandyJ said...

Sadly I have places that need this kind of treatment in my house--but mine involve clothes, not so much the books. Don't ask about the shelves in Turbo's room though.

What you did looks awesome though.

Anonymous said...

I am going to start tackling one thing at a time. My way of trying to do 20 different things isn't working for me lol

The book shelve looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Booyah...take that bookshelf. I did this to my bookshelf last week and it seriously changed the whole room. Crazy how clutter can be so blah.

Unknown said...

What an awesome way to get something checked off the to do list :) Love your newly organized bookshelf. At my house, it would be cluttered all over again super fast (and I don't have kids)

Macey said...

That looks fantastic! It's weird how you can make something look tons better and almost designer for free. Just cleaning up and organizing what you already have. I love it!

Macey said...

love the pink carpet.

Shawn said...

Go Xamin, go Xamin, go Xamin!

That looks so much better, there's room for a few picture frames on there now, I'm a sucker for a good picture frame!

I wouldn't worry about your phrasing, if it was an ongoing linky than maybe you would need to give credit where credit is due but that's not the case here so no worries. Too many people worry about what others think, find a reason to complain, seek sympathy from there reader because they've been "attacked" and feel that the blogsphere is small enough for everything to be a competition. To those people I say, remove our panties from you crack and get over yourselves because everything IS NOT about you!

I can't wait to see what you tackle next week!

Impulsive Addict said...

Whoa! Shawn totally misspelled your name three times. Did you tell her?

I LOVE me some organization! I love this Tackle It Tuesday idea! GOOD FOR YOU!

Thanks for linking up with us. We love you {even if we misspell your name}!

Shawn said...

CRAP! I omitted the Z each time, I am so sorry!

First I knew how to spell your name but not how to say it and now I apparently only know how to say it. Please forgive me!

Unknown said...

As a woman who loves my books I need to do this desperately. Especially since I just acquired more books and book shelves from my mom's house.. umm yeah..

SupermomToki said...

I'm laughing 'cause my bookshelves look exactly like yours. I can't seem to get rid of any books though. But I'm going to now. Thanks you for sharing this. 'Ofa lahi atu

Emmy said...

Oh yea!! Awesome job!! Totally inspiring. I really should get off the computer and clean something :)