Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fabulous

I'm getting back in the swing of things.  I think.  I've actually got some blog posts planned out, which I haven't done in ages - so I'm thinking the posts will be coming more frequently again!

Last time, I told you about our new family business.  We're having so much fun with it.  Some of my long time readers will know that this isn't my first go around with Etsy.  I had another shop once.  Okay, I still do.  But I haven't kept up with it since last Halloween.  Halloween was really the only time the shop ever got very busy.  It's picking up already with some new Halloween orders for this season, so I expect to have some good sales for the next couple of months.  But back to the purpose of my tangent.  I never really invested a lot into the Etsy community my first time around.  I made my items, put a lot of time into photographing and listing them, and then waited for sales.  That only came during Halloween.  Whatever.

Since opening our new shop, I've spent a lot of time visiting other shops.  I spend time reading the forums and community boards. I study the photography and wording in the listings of my favorite shops to get hints on how to make my shop better.  It's a lot.  But I'm loving it.  Will it help our sales?  Maybe.  Probably not.  But as long as I pretend that what I'm doing is helping me make our shop better, I can spend all that time browsing fabulous shops without feeling guilty, right?  Right.  That's what I thought.

So today, Friday, I'm sharing the Fabulous!  I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds on Etsy.  I want them all.  Someday....someday.  So are you ready for some Fabulous?

First up - Chrocheted baby ballet booties from Little Lilly Bug!  I. die.  I have been coveting these darlings since we first found out our little caboose was another girl.  I told my brother to get them for me.  He let me down.  Are they not the sweetest things you've ever seen??

Visit shop here.

Okay, how beautiful is this wire wrapped flower necklace from Refreshing Designs Jewelry?  I'm not sure I could pull it off - but I like to pretend I am that fantastic.  And the designs, all from wrapping wire, seriously amaze me.
Visit shop here.

I'm loving this handmade froggy card from Made by Meg.  Partly because this is currently my new favorite color scheme, and the colors of Baby Girl's nursery.  But mostly because I have done handmade cards and they take forEVER!  So my hat is off to anyone who is dedicated enough, or fast enough to make enough to sell in a shop!  And this one is super, super adorable!

Visit shop here.

And last, but oh so absolutely not least - even if she weren't my BFF, I would so adore these Monster Bibs made by Tanielle (yes I've totally already snagged a couple for Baby Girl).  She and her niece own The Laughy Giraffy and make some of THE most adorable things you've ever seen.  I'm lucky to have an "in" with them!
Visit shop here.

So there you go.  Sharing some Fabulous with you this Friday.  How about you?  What are some of your fabulous Etsy finds?  I'm sure that I need to check them out!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Outcast said...

I love the sound of this business Xazmin and I wish you guys all the success in the world with it. I'm glad you have some post scheduled too, I know it's not always easy to get back into the swing of blogging when you've been gone for a while.

Randomlicious Memoirs said...

I love this idea of posting your favorite etsy items! What a great post. Congrats on another baby! Yay!! Girls are so fun! Love those booties too. I don't know how I feel about etsy. I tried to sell hair bows there but so did the rest of the world and I never made any sales. Eventually when I graduate school I'd like to try again with some design and maybe my photography prints.
So happy you are starting again you are my inspiration.

Emmy said...

Those ballet shoes are so so cute! You need to send a link of this post to your brother to give him the hint :)

I hope your business totally takes off!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, that bib!!! I think I need one. Cutest thing in the world! I like your Fabulous Friday, I think it is a great idea!