Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the end of summer?  I totally am.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer with my kiddos.  It's been so fun having them all home along with their new baby sister.  I've enjoyed no bedtimes, the sleeping late, the few (but more than normal) lazy days, and even the busy days.  It's been nice, now that Baby Girl is older, to be able to jump in the car and leave the older kids in charge for a short time, while Hubby and I run to the grocery store for a few minutes, or to fill up with gas and grab a couple of drinks at the gas station.  I've loved the flexibility of pushing something I was going to do on Wednesday over to Friday because we decided to take the kids to the park, or go shopping with grandma.  BUT....my late nights and sleeping in, and putting off until tomorrow, has led to an increasingly messier house (okay, that's putting it mildly - it's a disaster!), lots of to-do's being left undone, and basically a growing feeling of chaos hovering over me at all times.  It's definitely time to change it up!

My girls go back to school tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!  Bookworm starts High School on Monday and although excited, I think he's a little nervous too.  I'm not gonna lie - I'm a little nervous for him.  I mean, I know he'll be fine, and I couldn't have asked for him to have a better experience with his first 10 years of public education.  But he's been with the same group of kids pretty much since 3rd grade and is going from a school of 500 (K-9) to a High School of just under 1800, and most of his closest friends are going off to different high schools.  I so want him to have a great first week and meet lots of new great friends!  Okay, I'm getting all anxious again.  Time to move on.

With all the kids back in school it will be just Baby Girl and me, and sometimes hubby.  I'm kinda looking forward to it.  She is getting so fun and even chubbier than before!  And I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, and getting up early (okay not the actual getting up part), and getting a jump on my day.  Getting more done, and hopefully restoring some order to our household!

Am I the only one who feels this way about back to school?

I'm ready for the season change as well.  I'm looking forward to fall.  The smells and sounds and colors!  I love that I live in a place that has 4 distinct seasons.  By the end of each season I am so ready for the next!  The only one that lasts a little long for me is winter.  But we've been over that before.

In other news - Baby Girl went to her very first RSL game last week!  We weren't sure how she'd do, but she LOVED it!  She was good the whole time and just loved being outside and watching everything going on around us.  Plus we won, so that made it an even better night!  It was Hubby and I's first soccer date since the season began.  We went to nearly every home game last year, and we've really missed our date nights!

Here are a couple of fun pictures of my cute soccer girl.  Okay, me, my cute husband and 2 of my other cute kids are in them too.  But let's face it, it'as all about the chubby baby girl right now as far as pictures go!

First soccer date of the season.

 Victory smiles

So, are you ready for the end of summer? Or are you hoping to stretch it out just a little bit longer?

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Emmy said...

She really is so so cute!
I must admit I was not ready for our summer to be over at all. I liked the sleeping in, the no schedule; though now that we are settled into the routine I am getting more things than I was before.

Outcast said...

Your baby is just adorable, what an absolutely cute dote! Love this post, it's crazy Summer's ended so quickly but I guess that's just how it goes. Best of luck to the kids on their way back into school, especially your child who's starting high school, exciting times!

Amy said...

I have mixed feelings about it all. This is my first year of having a kid in school, and with a newborn the schedule thing is hard to figure out. But I am excited for one on one time with my 3 year old.
Your baby is so big and adorably chubby. I love her nose! How fun to take your family to the RSL game for your date night. You are adorable!