Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May's Monthly Vlog

Well, I did it again. Although I'm fashionably late. So maybe nobody will stop by and watch. Yeah, that would be good. Shawn, I am super sorry that this video isn't as short as the rules said. After the purse thing took so long, I didn't want to go back and re-record everything just to cut down the purse bit. And I'm not super talented at editing like some people. But here's a solution - if you don't have the time (and I know you're super busy), you can totally just skip mine! I won't mind - promise! Also, it's not as long as Mamarazzi's. Just sayin'.

Also, Emmy and Beth helped out with suggestions for this month's Vlog.

Here goes nothin'.

And awesome still frame that it chose to use (don't ask me what "it" is). Love that.

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Myya said...

Totally noticed your hair flairs before you mentioned them... I WANT some of those bad boys, those are awesome!

LAUGHING my butt off on the "I'm not white trash or anything" I've been known to accidentally leave plastic bag panties in my purse longer then should be too, my daughters of course you didn't think for me did you???

CUTE purse!!! No you cannot beat $2.50, buy those babies up & save them for gifts for friends!!!

Ocean girl, OCEAN!!! Ok the mountains are gorgeous too, I guess I'm just spoiled & can have the best of both worlds.

Look at me rambling like you do... ahhh I adore you. So nice to see your pretty face & listen to you this evening!

Mamarazzi said...

i have been reading your name Yaz-men.

i am so glad you said how it is truly pronounced!!

glitter toes...cute!

YAY for CARBS!! woo woot!

cute bag GREAT deal...seriously $5 for 2 bags, awesome.

i love your hair are so cool!!

peepee panties...hilarious!!

sooooo much stuff in your purse, hilarious!

your life IS it!!

Unknown said...

Love the hair flares!

I am the same way about my purse/diaper bag. Everything stays in there for weeks.

Unknown said...

Night owls unite! My hubs switches from days to nights and I'm up uber late when hes on nights too! Loved getting to know you better ~ thanks for sharing!

Macey said...

If I didn't already love you more than life, I would love you EVEN more after the undies in the plastic bag!!!
I LOVE the hair flairs. LOVE. I have to look up if I can get them done around here...or if not, I'll just come and have your friend do em!! YAYAY!!
We still should have traded purses.
HOLY CRAP you have a lot of stuff in your bag.
You and JK run together have ReAl stuff and she has Rob stuff. LOL
Also, I've seen ALL of this stuff...IN REAL LIFE!!!! Well, most of it. Not the tix or the undies. Thank goodness.
I can't find the colgate lip gloss. :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I soooo wanted to do the vlog this week, but I've been sick so I didn't get to do it! I love that I get to put your voice with your face! I cracked up about the undies being in your purse. I've done that sooo many times! I recently found receipts from three years ago in my wallet. Yikes! I think Jacob is cuter than Edward FOR SURE! Nex tmonth I am sooo doing the vlog!

Emmy said...

I am going to have to watch the beginning of this video over and over as I always forget how to say your name :)

And screaming good deal on the purse!

Lol! on the undies-I forgot about poopy clothes once for most of the day. oops.

Shawn said...


I don't care if you're late because you have publicly professed your love for me so all is well in the world!

I love your name but you already knew that.

I heard that noise and thought it was a little one trying to quiet her giggles.

I agree with you on Jacob's face, I think it's his nose...

I love your glitters, I can see them popping through while you're going through your purse. Honey just had feathers put in, thanks Steven Tyler for that newest craze.

You are not white trash but it made me laugh that you had the panties in your purse!

I love that we got a peek into your purse while you cleaned it, our show and tell was a win, win!

And yes I do want to talk to you again and again and again!

I expect to see and hear you again in June!

shortmama said...

It was like a sea of paper in your purse!!! I just got a super cute new purse from my dad and stepmom for Mothers is sweet!

Hope you had a good Mothers Day! Love you!

Impulsive Addict said...

Better late than never, right? I chose the never. I didn't do it.

HAZ*MEEN is a great name!! I like it. I confess sometimes in my head I say Jazmin because I suck.

What? We don't have much in common except the night owl part. DID YOU JUST SAY THAT JACOB HAS A WEIRD FACE???? Oh NO YOU didn't!

I would love to find a purse that costs $2.50. I never see those deals. EVER.

Do you have hair flares in your hair? I like it. You're glittery .

White trash! Bwhwhahhaha! I carry my dirty undies in my purse too.

Yep. You just confirmed the hair flares. I'm awesome!

Cool shades! I like cheap shades because I always lose them.

Girl, your purse carries lots of stuff!! Lovin' that cool earring!

You forgot my shout-out. I'm not sure what you were supposed to say but maybe next time you could think of something! ;)

GREAT VLOG Beautiful! xoxo

Sami said...

I carried spare underpants in my purse for the longest time, in case Boo had an accident, and on more than one occasion, they would fall out when I went to pull out my wallet.
THAT was white trash.
LOVED your video! I haven't watched very many of them yet, but so far yours is my favorite.
Well, because I love ya so darn much.
And no, I didn't hear you say Monkey's name at all! (I confess that I'm not even 100% sure that's her code name anymore, because none of your kids are their code names to me anymore...)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I agree that Jacob looks weird, but I am usually not looking at his face, so it doesn't matter. :)
I love love love that you had a pair of pee-pee panties in your purse!
Dang. You have a lot of stuff in your purse.