Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bring it!

Okay. So thanks for all the encouragement, and great ideas. I have actually been implementing a few of them...and I am making some progress. Slowly but surely! Hang tight for an announcement later on!

So, here we's Friday again. Another opportunity for me to link up with MiMi and share with you another laughable moment from my life.

So y'all know I went to Girls' Camp last week. (sniff, sniff - my last hoorah). It was a stake girls' camp which meant that several other wards were up there with us. We had our own campsite, but shared bathrooms, and did some activities with the other wards.

One evening one of the other leaders and I were walking down to the bathrooms, and she was telling me how she was uncomfortable, because she was still breastfeeding her youngest, and she hadn't gone this long without nursing. This got us into a big long discussion about breastfeeding. We got to the bathrooms, and I went to open the middle stall. It was locked. I knocked. No answer. We decided that they had locked that one, because the toilet had been having trouble flushing all day.

So we each went into a stall on either side (3 stalls were in the bathroom). We continued our breastfeeding conversation as we both tended to our business - basically shouting back and forth across the stalls. I got out first. As I walked out of my stall, I heard the lock on the middle stall open...

Out walks this mortified looking Young Woman...probably a Beehive (12 year-old). She looked sheepishly at me and walked out the bathroom door.

I waited until I knew she was out of earshot before busting up laughing!

I know. I'm special. You all wish you could go to Girls' Camp with me...don't you?

Now for my big announcement ...

I have decided to re-launch Ribbon Blossoms!

That's right. The grand re-opening will be August 19th. I'll have something exciting stay tuned!

In the mean-time, here's a glimpse of some of the items I'll be offering. Although the site is currently not set up - I will be glad to fill any requests anytime before then, just shoot me an email ( and I'll fill your order and send you an email invoice. This is just a sample. I offer lots of color variations and love to do special orders. Just drop me a line!

bitty baby bows - $5.00/set
variety of colors including solids and stripes
2 " across

little piggie bows - $7.00/set
variety of colors
3.5 " across

Korker Bows - $12/set
variety of color combinations
4.5" across

butterfly clippies - $7.00/set
variety of color combinations
approx. 2.5 " across
bumblebee clippies - $7.oo/set
approx. 2" end to end
ladybug clippies - $7.00/set
approx. 2" end to end
pixie wings - $9
variety of colors
sassy tutu - (toddler) $18.00, (girls) $23.00
variety of color combinations

And for some Halloween TuTu fun!
All costumes available in infant/toddler size - $30
girls 3-7 - $35
(devil costume also embellished with red daisy on devil horns and tail - not shown)

Available in black with: purple, orange, lime or hot pink.

Just posting these pictures is getting me all excited about the re-launch! Thanks for the encouragement my friends!


Macey said...

I LOVE those Korker Bows!!
Okay, I bet that 12 year old is like, "Wow. I'm NEVER having kids now." LOL!
Okay, off to bed for reals now!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Funny story! That kid is probably telling her version of it, too! Good luck with your shop.

Sheila said...

HILARIOUS story!! I love it!!!
And congrats on your relaunch! I'm so excited for you!
Please give Tanielle a hug from her Oklahoma friend!

Shawn said...

Fun-nay story and cute cute bows and clips! I'm sending your blog address onto my friends with little girls!


Rachelle said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Those butterfly wings are awesome! Everything is so cute!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Adorable!!! So cute!!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Funny story. that poor child! HA!

Cute, cute stuff! Those corker bows are so cute!

Myya said...

Well maybe the 12 year old will stay on track & not have babies before she is good & ready! HA! I am still nursing my littlest too & we went to the fair the other night & with all that was going on I miss a feeding... one stinking feeding & oh my gosh I had the worst blocked milk duct. I love that I am great at nursing but geesh give me a break, this happens every time I am not on the normal schedule. What in the world is it going to be like when I ween her. Yikes!
Yay on the store, I love all your stuff. I'm really really tempted to order a few fun things for my sister but first I have to find out if her new one will have hair. :)


I am so glad to see Ribbon Blossoms back. I loved all the new stuff....the little bumblebee bows were precious.

shortmama said...

You probably scarred that girl for life!

Cant wait for your re-launch! How exciting!

Sami said...

You ruined a Beehive!!! TOO FUNNY!!! My sister and I were talking about breast feeding and sore nipples at my other sister's wedding. I think that may be part of why she decided to use birth control for a while...

On another note:
Do you give discounts for big orders? I want to get my girls a bunch of cute bows to put in their stockings, but I see my husband's head exploding if I went too crazy...ya know what I mean?

jennykate77 said...

I want to go to Girl's Camp with you!!! I think you just did that little Beehive a favor...early breastfeeding education. :)

YAY for you. Relaunching your store is awesome!!!

Miss you!! Hope you're having a great week!!♥♥