Friday, June 11, 2010

OOPS!! And an awesome night!

What a FANTASTIC night we had on Wednesday! Of course, knowing Tanielle and have to KNOW the night would also include a perfect moment to link up to my best girl MiMi's awesome Friday linky party. So here's the recap!

We started off with some delicioso (like how I said it in Spanish?) Mexican fare from La Luna's, a local family owned spot that is quaint and tasty!

You know we had to document everything...including us enjoying mexican Dr. Pepper! Okay, I just said it was Mexican DP because we were at a mexican restaurant. Whatever...

We visited the team store earlier that day and scored these sweet ReAL caps so we could show our team spirit! We also picked up some cobalt and claret (team colors, yeah that's fancy talk for blue and red) polish for our toes! Keep reading if you want to see the snazzy ReAL tattoos we also sported later on during the night.

After dinner we headed to the stadium. Traffic was sorta slow because of folks heading to the game. Of course Tanielle and I can always entertain ourselves. We're idiots that way. So we're chatting away when T says "Hey! That guy over there on the motorcycle is going to the game too!" I looked over and he was sporting a ReAL jersey...coincidence? Doubtful. So I'm smiling his direction and I'm pretty sure he saw us talking about him. Then he pulls into the lane behind us. We're stopped at a red light and we both look behind us as we make up a story about him (we do this often when we are people watching). We're laughing as we talk about how he probably rode his motorcycle and made his wife walk so he could get a good parking spot, and a bunch of other nonsense. It is very apparent that we are talking about him, as we are gawking over our shoulders and laughing.

Of course we part ways with motorcycle man as we both head to different places to park. T and I splurged for the good seats since David Cook was performing the National Anthem, and it took us a few minutes to figure out where to go. As we keep heading down, down, down the stairs, we are getting more and more giddy the closer we get to the field. We finally get to our row, and identify which seats are ours...we scoot into our seats comes the moment....wait for it...

THAT's right... our seats are right next to none other than MOTORCYCLE MAN!!! Needles to say we got the giggles and I'm sure confirmed to all around us that we truly are insane.

David Cook did a fabulous job singing the National Anthem. As always I got chills.

The game was exciting. And my boy got to play!! We were playing the LA Galaxy, who we beat last year for the National Championship. We met with them earlier in LA and lost, so it was to be a showdown for this game. LA wes undefeated - the only undefeated team in the league. However WE were going into this undefeated at home. It was quite the match up. A match up that almost didn't happen due to lightning! YIKES! But after a delay of game where we all had to leave our seats and take cover from the lightning...things were back on!

It took until the 80th minute of play for anyone to score! I know that sounds like it might be boring, but all the action leading up to it was anything but!

Please cue video to 2:30 to see the highlight of the night! Just do will only take a few seconds of your time! You'll want to let it go to about the 3 minute mark. But if you let it go a few seconds further you can see the number 2 highlight of the night!

See all those people jumping up and down? Yeah if you could see the other side of the stadium... you would have been treated to the hilarious sight of T and I jumping up and down like that too. How embarrassing. So that's the story of how we sent the LA Galaxy home, no longer undefeated. What a game!

But the night wasn't over! No way! We were then treated to a fantastic set of performances by David Cook. He sounded amazing...and he did a cover of "Just Died in Your Arms" was one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

It was a fantastic girls night, eye candy all around, a great time with a good friend, and we will definitely be doing it again!
My ReAL tattoo.

Like the fingerprints all over my sunglasses? A Monkey did that.

Go check out MiMi's to see what other trouble people have to share! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!! Sorry for the soccer ramblings that many of you may find boring...but thanks for listening!


Macey said...

You both are just SO adorable!
It looks like you had tons of fun and I could totally tell that was mexican DP.
Were you guys super close?? Cuz that's a really good, close up shot of DC!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Ha!! You guys are the greatest! Good friends make life so much sweeter. And yeah, I could see it coming a mile away that motorcycle man would be seated right next to ya. That's too hilarious!

Tanielle said...

Yeah, like totally one of the best nights ever!!!! Other than Xazmin made me puke my guts out...twice!!! haha just kiddin' X. My own fault I ate way too much!! It was awesome though!! Love ya wenchie!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

So so fun!!! I am jealous of your awesome friendship! I wish I had someone close enough to me to make up funny stories about motorcycle guys and drink DP. Great night!!

Amy said...

What a fun time you ladies had. THanks for sharing and it was great to see you again..

Rhonda said...

You girls are so cute! Just look at you! I love it. Looks like a great time. That is so funny how you make up stories of people.

Sami said...

What are the chances?! That totally sounds like something that would happen to me!
Looks like you guys had an awesome night! Of course, any night is awesome with DP, cute boys, and good friends!
Missed you more!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! YOu know I'd be up for a night like that!!


Unknown said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! YOu know I'd be up for a night like that!!


shortmama said...

Great friends make fun experiences the best ever!

Sheila said...

oH MY GOODNESS!!! crack me up! sounds like a great time! :)

Sare said...

hahaha I heart you guys!!

Heather said...

That sounds like an amazing evening! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!!

Myya said...

Looks like the best time!!! You two are so funny, I bet anyone hanging with you guys would have a great time! : )