Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Monty,

Thank you SO much for getting me a signed copy of Mitt's new book! I know you just gave it to me this morning at our budget meeting, but I have already started reading it! I am enjoying it very much.

I know a lot of bloggers tend to shy away from blogging about politics (unless they have a political blog), and I generally don't get into it too much - but I am proud of the things I believe in, so I let it sneak in here once in awhile.

Speaking of...PLEASE start updating your blog more often. I have mentioned you before on my blog, and how much I look up to you, and how much your blog inspires me, and makes me think. But I need more!

So, you already have my undying gratitude for the awesome gift above, but imagine how deep my gratitude will be if you start blogging more! So get to it...mmmkay?

Thanks - the one who wants to be like you when she grows up,

Dear Under-eye Bags,

You suck. I don't know how to get rid of you. Can I tell you how annoying it is to look at a picture of myself and realize you make me look like a 90-year old woman?

It's not shouldn't be so prominent for at least another 57 years! I've just started noticing you in some of my recent pictures and was horrified! So then I started looking back through my past pictures. Guess what?

You've been around for WAY too long! Seriously, what business do you have being in my engagement pictures? I was 19 for crying out loud!

So please, could you just go away already?

The vain one, who's only 33 years old.

I'm linking up to Shortmama's Dear Someone - go check it out for more letters, or to link up yourself!


Boulter trouble said...

I hear ya sister!!


Go girlfriend!

shortmama said...

So far Ive manage to avoid the undereye bags but Im seeing wrinkles starting to creep in!

Jenny said...

How awesome that you have a signed copy of the book! I really like Mitt Romney and hope he runs in 2012!

I don't have the bags, but my eyes are getting some major dark circles under them. WTH is that about?

Macey said...

I've got it all: under eye bags, crows feet, wrinkles, bitch stitch, gray hair, callouses on my feet, vericose veins.
Gah. I'm grossing myself out.

Myya said...

I don't think I have the bags, but I have the dark circles. Without makeup ummm it's just wrong! The vericose veins are awful & Oh don't get me started on the COMPLETE salt & pepper hair... it started at 19 & having to color every 3-4 weeks is rediculous!!! Reminds me again how I need to thank my mom for all these lovely traits! :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Girl, I don't have the bags, but I have the dark circles. Eew! They are terrible. They won't leave. I asked them to.

Happy Friday!! :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I've got ya beat. I've got the bags and the dark circles!

Sassytimes said...

Hilarious about the under eye circles. Have you tried the caffeine roller things? I hear they work...I'm going to need them soon!

Thanks for the link to Dear Someone. I love playing along.

Julie said...

I have aan award for you over at my blog: