Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bloggy Friends,

I have missed you! I am so sorry it's been so long, but my stinkin' computer DIED on Monday! Then there was a lot of drama in replacing it, and I didn't have internet access, and I went nearly insane feeling like I was "out of it" with all my favorite blogs, and I feel like I've missed so much!

I promise that I love you, and have not forgotten you. I am working on getting around to visit everyone, just give me some time!

I hope you still love me,

Dear Everyone,

The new thing at Best Buy is this: They are really pushing the Asus brand laptop. Don't do it. I fell for all their fancy talk about Asus being top of the line, and making all the components for all the other brands. I gave in, and then regretted it. I had my Asus laptop for less than 20 minutes before deciding I hated it. Fortunately my computer fix-it guy gave me his opinions, one of which happened to be "if I were to go buy a laptop today, it certainly wouldn't be an Asus". I took my Asus back the next day (which added another torturous day of no internet!) and purchased my new HP which I LOVE!

The Girl who hopes you learn from her mistakes.

Dear ABC,

Brilliant! How excited am I that THIS guy will be a contestant on the upcoming season of DWTS?

If y'all don't know who Evan Lysacek is, (are you living under a rock or something?) go find out here, and see why I love him so much!

The one who will be tuning in, (and this time I mean it!),
Evan's #1 fan.

Dear jerky computer hackers,

I can't believe you hijacked the code for my Ribbon Blossoms website. You totally messed up the giveaway I was planning, because now people can't browse my site without being constantly redirected to a bunch of spam websites. Thanks a lot. Seriously, don't you have anything better to do with your time?

The ticked off Blogger.

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Shawn said...

Glad you're back, sorry about the computer.

I'm a MAC lover and knock on wood have never had any problems!

I apparently live under a rock since I have no clue who that is.

Hackers suck!

Happy Thursday!

Macey said...

Hackers DO suck!
I'm glad you got a new computer and are loving it! :)

Trippy Momma said...

Computer problems stink! I have a Dell, and I've loved every min. of it! Although I think I might be investing in a mac soon *happy dance*.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I like our Dell. Asus, huh? Sounds too close to Ass-Us.

I saw that DWTS line up and immediately thought of you.

Koko said...

Ugh! I hate computer problems! I keep telling my kids "Aren't you supposed to be solving MY computer problems and not the other way around?" haha Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get a computer that you love.

Thanks for the scoop on Evan...I didn't know that and I do watch the show. I'll look forward to your updates, my cyber friend!

Desert Rose said...

Woot woot for hp, that's what I have and I luvs it. That hacking stuff is scary.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

We missed you too! :)

Farmhouse Fixers said...

LOL! I love your dear someones! Sorry to hear about the hack however it looks as if you are back in business!

shortmama said...

Oh no that stinks that someone hacked your site!!! Hope you can get it fixed soon!

Helene said...

Oh computer problems...I hear ya! My husband replaced my old laptop with a Dell laptop and I don't have the heart to tell him that I hate it! It's probably just a matter of getting used to it...I have a hard time with change, obviously!

Can't believe someone hacked your site!! Don't people have better ways of spending their time than making innnocent people's lives pure hell??

Paula@SweetPea said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry that someone hacked your site. That's really low. I hope that you have good luck with your new HP.


I am so glad you are back. I missed you like mad. I hate that about the hackers...I love my ribbon blossom website code. Why do people have to be so mean? Glad you took the Asus laptop back...I have heard nothing but negatives on them. Happy Friday!

Sami said...

I missed you! But, then again, I've been MIA too, for no good reason. Glad to have you back! And I am right there with you about DWTS! Hope he goes far, and that Kate Gosselin, Pamela Anderson, and Shannon Douherty (sp?) get booted early...

Sare said...

ummm....Why didn't you call? Jer would have helped you pick a lap top too!! it's what he DOES!!

And...they WHAT now??? why would they pick a site with a name like Ribbon blossoms to mess with?? seriously?!!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

So sorry about your computer but thanks for the info. Mine DIED week before last and I'll have to buying a new one soon. Asus is out of the equation! Which HP did you get?

Missed ya! Glad you're back!

kado! said...

if I could marry my iMac I totally would. I LOVE her, she's sexy!

Unknown said...

Funny! When I heard about Evan on DWTS, I knew you'd be happy!!