Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Every cell phone sim card tells a story....

Do you ever wonder what people might think of your life if they found your phone and started flipping through your pictures? You don't? Okay, I'm just weird like that.

I recently got a new phone, and I decided to pull all the pictures from my sim card (I don't even know if that's how you spell "sim"), and put them on my computer, just so I would have them, you know, just in case.

I was browsing through the folder today, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

This is Pixie and Monkey, playing around on the treadmill (which is against the rules) but they just looked so sweet, I had to snap a pic!

This is the cake I made for Monkey's first birthday (her birthday is in October). I used to make cute birthday cakes a lot. Hmmm. I need to try that again.

Ice-fishing shot that hubby sent me of Bookworm's first time ice-fishing. It was on scout camp.

He caught the 2 biggest!

Cowgirl modeling the super cute outfit she found while we were out shopping.

The artwork I found, courtesy of Monkey, when I went in to use the bathroom a few weeks ago. Yes, that is sharpie, and no, it did not come completely out. Just more to add to my white-trash rep. I got goin' on. When she was getting in trouble by her dad, he asked her what it said. She replied "it says, 'My dad is so awesome'". Where did this girl come from?

This is one of the most hilarious girls ever. She used to be one of my Young Women. Now she's all grown up (ripe old age of 18). "L" and I were at the mall with our friends "K" and "H". L found this set of furry accessories and had to model them. Including, bag, boots, gloves, weird shawl/vest thingie, and hat. Doesn't she look hot?

L and K go to school together. This is the high quality work they do while trying to stay awake in class. I got this text from them one night with the caption "this is what we do in class. We drew a hot man for you."

K sent me this and I thought it was freaking awesome. So I saved it.

Here's Monkey at Bookworm's last violin recital. It is a "parlor recital" held in the formal living room of his teacher. She crawled down on the floor and went to sleep under the chair.

A very, VERY rare ocurrance (this happend a few years back), my 3 oldest in the hallway looking at a book together. Too good a photo-op to pass up!

This was at a family baby shower. My 2 aunts who do not see each other except at the occasional family function showed up in IDENTICAL outfits. HAD to get a picture of that!

There are tons more pictures that I took for some reason or another. But we'll stop here for today. What story do your cell phone pictures tell about you?

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Cheeseboy said...

Ha! The first one is pretty adorable, but that ice fishing fish is HUGE! I've never caught a fish that big ice fishing.

Vivian said...

Most of the time the best pictures are those taken randomly...love the one I got your back and of the girls and their handsome man in class..so funny!!!

Macey said...

This is a great idea!!! Random pictures from my phone....that would be interesting. :)
I thought for sure I'd see me and you in there!
Your youngest is QUICK!!! I couldn't come up with something that good!

Myya said...

Daddy is awesome... bawhaaahaaa that girl is a smarty!

Love the tought of doing this, wonder if I could just pick a few?


My sim card says I am a very boring person. I hate having the phone and prefer to leave it in the car more often than not. I carry my camera with me always...so I neve take pictures with the cell phone. Like I said...nothing as cute as your stuff....I am BORING!

Sami said...

I'd say Monkey is a little bit of a brown noser, eh? Pretty quick thinking on her part, though!