Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy Crap, my daughter's eye! And Consumer tips installment 1

Hello friends! Did everybody have a good weekend? We had a pretty nice Saturday at the park...I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Last night Pixie was complaining that her eye was hurting. There wasn't any noticeable swelling or redness. I told her the best thing to do was get some sleep. She is the WORST at staying in bed, and always has excuses to get out of bed and talk to me. So when she kept coming out to tell me her eye was really hurting, I wasn't very sympathetic, or patient. Imagine how guilty I felt this morning when I saw this:

She's pretty stuffed up too. Hubby thinks that it's allergies, I'm leaning more towards virus or eye infection. What do you think? Poor girl. I kept her home from school, in case it is a virus. I win Mother of the Year for sure on this one. Just call me Jerk Face for short.

In other news, I decided it might be fun to occasionally pass along any consumer wisdom I might gain in my daily life experience (because you know I lead such a fascinating life.) It won't be weekly or anything, but if I discover anything useful, I'll pass it along to you!

So for my first installment, I thought I'd share a little side by side mineral makeup comparison. If you're like me, you sometimes see things on infomercials that really intrigue you. You want to believe the claims, but you don't want to be made a fool of by shelling out the cash and being disappointed in the product. This is how the Bare Minerals Makeup informercial affected me.

I've never been much of a makeup wearer. Eye makeup yes, lipgloss - sometimes. Foundation...the first time was for my engagement pictures where I went to a department store and had a makeover. I don't like the heavy feel or look of it. So I haven't worn it since. But the bare minerals makeup definitely sparked my interest. It appeared to even out and soften the skin-tone, without looking like makeup.

When my cousin J came to live with my parents I saw that she used BM makeup. She looked great (of course she's 19), and said she loved the makeup. So off to the mall we went for me to get color-matched and drop a buttload of money. This stuff is pretty pricey. I did like it, but when I recently ran out of the foundation, the thought of dropping $25 for a tiny little round of powder gave me heartburn. At least I imagine that's what heartburn would feel like, but since I never get heartburn...I'm not really sure. So I've been without the foundation for a bit.

Cue Avon Lady. My hilarious neighbor and friend "N" recently started selling Avon. I've noticed their mineral makeup and decided to give it a try. Here's why:

The makeup on the right is $25. The Avon makeup on the left? $11. And for this catalog, it was actually buy any 2 for $9.99. So really I paid under $5.
Notice a difference in size as well? Yeah, so I went for it.

These are obviously different colors. Once is the "warmth" bronzer for cheekbones, and one is the translucent "finishing" dust for sealing it all after the look is complete.

So, my recommendation? Go with the Avon. I like it just as well. Possibly a little better. I like the coverage a little more I think. But that could be due to the fact that the shade is a little darker, and perhaps that is a better color for me.

The makeup is great, the coverage is equal in quality, and lasts just as long. From now on it's Avon Smooth Minerals for me!

One more little tip: This brush collection from Bare Minerals will run you a total of $70 if you buy them individually off the website. I got them as part of a package when I bought my first BM makeup at the mall (I still paid too much), and can I just tell you...they are CRAP? Seriously, they shed like crazy. I always have loose bristles I have to brush off my cheeks, and all over the top of my shirt after every time I put my makeup on. Just sayin'. I'll be lookin' for a $10 set at Walmart, methinks.
Have any tips to share? Or any questions about products you've been wondering about?

Hope this Consumer tip was helpful to someone! Have a great Monday!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

First of all: The eye! My Lord! I'd be calling the pediatrician and at least asking about Benedryl or something for her. ow. (BTW - we've all bee THAT mom who ignored our kid's whining/stalling, etc only to find out later there really was a problem. Don't beat yourself up.)

I do use Bare Minerals and I love them. I buy mine on eBay and it is only a quarter of the price.
(I happen to love my brushes...)

I don't know Avon's version, so I can't address the quality difference. From your pix, it doesn't seem you're comparing apples to apples. You have the Avon powder next to a Bare Minerals "Warmth". Warmth is bronzing powder that lasts forever because a little goes such a long way. 3 years ago I bought some and I still have about half a container of it.

I don't use their foundation anymore, but I mix 2 parts Mineral Veil with 1 part Clear Radience and use that as my powder. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I am 42. I also use "Glee" as my blush and "Well Rested" for eye shadow.

Love the stuff.

Sami said...

I'd always wanted to try Bare Minerals, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much moola for makeup. My MIL gave me some fo the Avon stuff, but I have yet to try it. I guess I'll have to give it a go now. Thanks for the tip!
Also, I hope Pixie's eye gets better quick! Poor girl. Mother of the year, for sure! I do the same thing though, so it may be a photo finish...

Holly said...

Poor girl! Hope her eye is better soon. Yeah, I've been that mom too.

I've never tried the BM, but the commercial always made it sound so great. When I got looking online I found Everyday Minerals, much less expensive, and you can order free samples, which are a good size. I like it a lot. My kabuki brush is really good, never sheds, but I can't remember if it's from EM or Signature Minerals (I like their translucent powder).

I know this is getting long, but here's my mineral makeup tip...I never could see how you were supposed to "swirl and tap" in those tiny little lids, so I use the lid from a regular loose powder container like this
My kabuki brush lays on its side inside it perfectly when not in use. I happened to have one, but it works so well, I'd go out and buy a cheap loose powder just for the lid if I needed to!

Macey said...

Oh, this is awesome!!! :)
I wanted that mineral wanted it forever! And now I know it sucks! LOL :)

Macey said...

AND...Pixie's eye. Boo. I bet the swelling goes down today.

Mammatalk said...

Did you try some tea bags on her eye? It might help with the swelling. I'd also call the dr.

Sara said...

We are having eye issues in my house too... it has happened before and it has been allergies every time. I just give them zyrtec or benadryl and that seems to take care of it. Good luck!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good tips! I've been thinking about trying one of the store brands. BM stuff photographs really well, but it made me look orangey in person when they used it on my in my sister's wedding.

shortmama said...

My vote is for eye infection on the eye. Last year my eye did the same thing, not so fun. Hope she feels better soon.

My friend sells Avon and I order some stuff every once in a while, wondered about the mineral makeup so now I might have to try it out. Ive tried the Loreal kind and really liked it

Amy said...

it looks like something got her eye.. Poor little one. I hope it gets better..

Happy Monday..

jennykate77 said...

POOR, Pixie!! I feel so bad for her. =( I hope she's sees the doctor soon and is all better ASAP! It very well could just be's that time of year.

I LOVE Bare Minerals. I've used it for so long, and I have a hard time using anything else. I've tried Avon's version and I like it ok, but I'm still sold on the Mineral Veil and I love their Fairly Light...I'm fairly light and it's perfect for me. I'm like you, hate the feel of a heavy foundation. Avon is a good second though and you're right about the cost!

Hope you're having a good day!! Miss you!

Jenny said...

My sister knows all about makeup, what it's made of, etc. She has done the research and says BM is just not worth the cost. She recently started selling Avon and she loves the Avon mineral stuff. I like it too!

As far as the eye, is there any discharge or discolor of the eye? I'd see if Benedryl helped, if not a trip to the doctor might be helpful to get some antibiotics.

Emmy said...

So sorry! I hate when they are actually sick and hurt, espeically when I am less than sympathetic, which is way too often.

And thanks for the review, good to know.

Myya said...

Ouchie on the eye... hope it is just allergies. Poor thing. We've all done the "mother of the year" thing many a time so don't be to hard on yourself! :)
I sell Avon & this mineral makeup is why I sell it! I used to use MAC foundations.. soooo expensive. When economy hit & we had to tighten up the budget (we are a small business owner) I tried Avon. I liked it so I started selling. Great product for an unbelievable price!! Great tip :)

Keli said...

I've been "that mom" several times, ignoring my kids' complaints only to realize too late that something really is wrong. Here, you can have my Mother Of The Year badge, but just for a minute. ;)

I loved Avon anything. I used to sell it, and I got hooked. I use Bare Minerals now, but only because I scored a great deal. I agree about the brushes; there have been several times I arrive at church only to have someone brush loose bristles off my shirt. Gag.

Jen @ said...

Oh my goodness - I have never seen anything like that! I don't think it's allergies. Because my face swelled up last year around this time, but it was on both sides as an allergic reaction. But if it was an eye infection I think it would be red too. Did you take her in? Let us know what it was. I would take her in just to be safe.


Shawn said...

Poor Pixie! My husband walked to school {uphill both ways ;) } for 3 days when he was 11 because his Mom didn't believe him when he said his foot hurt. She finally took him to the doctor and it was...broken! Your swollen eye doesn't seen so bad now does it?!!? Allergies stink!

I tried Bare Minerals and I felt like a cake face with 10x more wrinkles than I really have! Maybe the lady that was trying to sell me the product needs to go back to for another training class.


Poor baby. My eyes looked almost that bad on was the pollen. I felt like if I could pop them out and soak them in solution it would clear them up. They have cleared some...still itchy. I love Bare Minerals...never much of a makeup wearer before and agree with you....the Avon is definitely more bang for the buck.

Koko said...

Thanks for the tips about BM. I was curious about this as well. I just realized that BM stands for something else, so sorry about that.

Can't wait to hear how your daughter is doing! I hope much better...and rest assured we've all done things like that!

Heather said...

Poor girl! Hope she is feeling better today.

I'm so glad your trip to the wedding got better. We are the same way EVERY SINGLE trip something goes wrong!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Poor Pixie! The girls used to get eye infections around this time of year. Of course, there was redness involved, not just swelling. Hope she's all better now.

I've used Bare Minerals for several years, and really like it. It is pricey {I may just have to score a deal on ebay!} But I'm not opposed to trying other brands. I always wondered if it was all the same. Mostly I just can't stand the thought of using liquid foundation, and going without foundation isn't an option ;)

kado! said...

oh man! I hope her eye is better, that is the worst case of allergies I've seen...I think it could be something worse!

I use BM half of the time and love it. I'll have to give Avon a whirl now!