Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Well here we are.  2016 is a thing of the past.  And what a year it was for our family.  In 2016, we finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel for Ambria's suffering with Post Concussion Syndrome.  MaiLee became a teenager and Brielle entered double digits.  Hollyn changed from toddler to little kid and her spunk keeps growing as well!  And Kaden - Kaden leaves in 35 days to serve the people of Michigan for 2 years. He will be serving in the Michigan, Detroit mission and we are excited/proud/sad to see him go/excited to see what he accomplishes, and every other emotion in between!

I feel so ready to let go of 2016.  I think it holds the record for most tears shed by this mom!  Yet when I look back on everything that has gone on this past year, I see that I have so very much to be grateful for.  And I am ready to find the JOY in 2017.

I'm not sure why I've had such a hard time finding it. The joy in life, I mean.  Just tired and overwhelmed, I guess.   But for this new year, my single resolution for the year is to come closer to Christ.  To know Him better.  To study His life, learn about and understand Him better.  I know in doing this, I will be able to find joy.  Joy for myself, and for my family.  Joy in the gospel.  Joy in motherhood.  Joy in being a wife and homemaker.  Joy in being a friend and neighbor.  It all comes back to drawing closer to my Savior, and becoming more like him.  Treating others as he would. Seeing my children, and everyone around me through the the Savior's eyes and understanding who they are as children of God.

I hope to share more of my journey this year on the blog.  I really miss how cathartic it can be!  It's just so hard to find the time!  But I'm going to try to squeeze in more regular posts.  I also have a great update on Ambria and her health, as well as more fun adventures with my other kiddos.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready for an amazing and JOYful new year!

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Karen Peterson said...

Hi!! I'm so glad things are looking up and I hope to hear more about what happened with Ambria. I hope 2017 is a fantastic year for you!