Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slow but Steady Wins the Race??

We shall see about that .

I recently decided to take the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge from Money Saving Mom.  I didn't start up when she did, so I'm not really part of the "group" who is participating and linking up and all that jazz.  I intended to, but I just couldn't get started last week for various reasons.

But I did start this week and I'm a little excited.  I feel like I have a WAY bigger monster to tame than what her challenge will fix.  Like a lifetime of being disorganized + a husband who is equally as disorganized + 5 kids.  It's an equation that equals basically a whole lot of chaos to reign in.   And every time I determine that I am going to tackle that chaos, I just don't know where to start.  Bringing order to one area of my life or home or family is dependent on something else being brought to order first, which itself is dependent on another aspect being in order and I just feel overwhelmed with the hugeness of the undertaking.

I read through MSM's challenge (it's a downloadable little booklet) and although I have a lot more to accomplish than what the 4 week challenge covers, I felt like it was a way for me to get started - to focus on bringing a few things slowly into order, and then hopefully build on that after the challenge is over.  I thought I'd give you updates along the way!  Feel free to join in if you'd like.  We don't have to be on the same week to share our progress with each other, or to encourage each other!

So this week I set the following goals, which I am trying to accomplish along with the daily assignments from MSM:

1 - Blog 3 times.
2 - Exercise 4 times.
3 - Finish reviewing and providing feedback for a large policy document that needs finalization as part of my Charter School board member responsibilities.
4 - Get 1/2 of all the backed up laundry done.  Yes, this is shameful, but that is how much laundry I have to catch up on, that 1/2 finished is a lofty goal.
5 - Get my Mind Organization for Moms system back up and running.  It was going fabulously when I was implementing it before, but then I made a mad dash trying to prepare for awesome out of town visitors and totally neglected keeping up with the system.  I miss the order it brought to my daily tasks and projects.
6 - Get Activity Days up and running for my new church calling.
7 - Finish getting my craft room completely cleaned and organized (this is already about 1/2 done as I started working on it over the weekend).
8 - Create 3 new jewelry designs for our family business.

Now that I'm typing it all out, it sorta seems like a lot.  I'll let you know if I'm able to get it all done by the end of the week!

Here's what I'm feeling good about today:

I consumed a healthy amount of calories and fat today.
I did 6 loads of laundry.
I completely cleaned out and scrubbed my refrigerator:

Hopefully I can keep the momentum going - we've got a busy next few days in our family!


Amy said...

It seems getting organized is a lot like weight loss. Everyone wants it, it is just so hard to stick to a plan and actually do it. Good for you! I hope you accomplish your goals. I would love to join in the quest to be more organized but I am not sure it is another thing I want to add to my plate right now. Maybe soon in the future.

VandyJ said...

I know we need to be more organized about meal planning. But rigid meal planning always fails spectacularly when I try, so I have implemented a loose system that so far seems to be working. Step one to more organization. Some more activity and such are next.
Good luck with your journey--it is a journey or process, not a destination.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That refrigerator looks brand new!

Organization is definitely a process. It's one I'm constantly working on. I believe there will always be at least one or two areas of my life that will be chaos, and I've decided to be okay with that. But that means I have to keep working on the rest.