Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Hellish Day with a Happy Ending

So here's how my day went yesterday:

Wake up, get kids ready for school.

Drive kids and Hubby to school (hubby is driving the 6th grade to the McCullough space center for a space simulation field work).

Get back home.

Answer email and shop correspondence while Baby Girl attempts to feed herself oatmeal (yeah, she's at the whole independent stage).

Clean up oatmeal from table, chair, floor and Baby Girl's face, belly, arms and hair.

Attempt to clean up in my bedroom while Baby Girl naps (yeah right - she napped for 14 minutes).

Get in the shower while BG plays on the bathmat, waiting her turn to get in and get cleaned.  Hey it worked the last time I needed to have a shower and I was by myself with Baby Girl so don't you judge me.

Get all lathered up when I hear a huge crash followed by instant wailing from Baby Girl.  I jump out of the shower, dripping wet and sudsy to see my poor baby flat on her back on the tile.  She had attempted to climb up something.  Not sure if it was the toilet or the drawers or what.  I remember that last time we did this she hadn't started walking or climbing yet.  Idiot.

I have now soaked the entire bathroom floor with my dripping hair.

Put her on the bathmat (still wailing) and plead with her to just let me hurry and rinse off so I can hold her.

Step back into the shower and don't even have the curtain pulled when I hear a THUD!  And even more earnest wailing.  She has tried to run to the bathroom door because she wants out of there.  Immediately upon touching the wet tile her feet went right out from under her and she is flat on her back again.

Scoop her up and bring her back to the bathmat where she realizes is the only "safe" place for her to walk in the now water-logged bathroom.  She stands on that mat, still as a statue, afraid to move - just sobbing while I try to finish up in the shower so I can pick her up.

Do the fastest washing job of my life and then pick her up and bring her in to have a shower.  At this point she is NOT interested.  So she cries and fights me the whole time I am trying to get her washed.  Which of course causes me to nearly drop her.  I grip her so tight as she's going down that I'm surprised boogers didn't pop out her nose!

Save her from falling, but in the process she is positioned face up RIGHT under the shower spray.  So now she is sputtering and coughing and panicked and crying even harder.  I'm pretty sure that was the end of our showering together days.

Manage to get dried off and dressed without further incident.  She nurses and falls sound asleep.  I was exhausted too after all that!  I lay her on my bed while I get ready to go.  You see our day hasn't even really begun.

Get my hair and make up done and everything ready, and she is still sound asleep.  Look at her sweet little face and it takes everything I have not to climb into bed next to her, curl up to her warm little body and go to sleep myself.  But there's not time.  Reluctantly pick her up and get her loaded into her car seat, and head off to the post office.

Get to the post office, unbuckle BG and haul her in to check the p.o. box.  Hoping for a large check we are expecting from one of our customers.  Try not to say a bad word as I open the door to an empty box.

Lug BG back out to the car, buckle her in and head to the dry cleaner to pick up Bookworm's tux.  He has a Regional Solo and Ensemble performance on the violin at 3:30.

Get to the dry cleaner, once again unbuckle BG, haul her in with me and find that they charge TAX (WTHECK?), which of course leaves me feeling stupid since I only brought in cash in my pocket to pay (because of carrying Baby Girl and all) and I was $.61 short.

Lug BG back out to the car with me while I dig through the ash tray for $.61.  Go back in and dump a pile of dimes, nickles and pennies onto the counter.  I am so ghetto.

Get back into the car and get ready to head to the high school to give Bookworm his tux when I realize I left his cummerbund and bow tie at home on the dresser.  This time I don't resist saying the bad word.

Head back home, but forget I am 1 block further north than I think, so I turn north in stead of staying on the road that I was supposed to be on.  Have to take a bassackward way to get back home.  Grab the stuff and run back out to the car.  At this point Baby Girl has had it again and is making her displeasure known.

Race over to the high school to give Bookworm his crap, then head back toward home where my brother is waiting with a present for BG.  As soon as I pull out of the parking lot, phone rings and it's Bookworm, "you didn't bring my shoes and socks".  Another bad word.

Get back home, dump BG off with my brother, search the house for church socks, and church shoes, throw them in my car.  Now it's a race against time because before Bookworm performs I still have to go pick up my girls and husband from their school.  We only have 1 family car.  Our other vehicle is Hubby's work van and it only fits one passenger.

Debate whether to pick up girls and hubby first, or drop off shoes and socks.  Confer with hubby over the phone who says go take the shoes first.  Get to the high school right as school is getting out and ALL THE TEENAGERS are trying to get out of the parking lot.  Get caught in a huge teenage driver traffic jam and take forever to get out of the parking lot after delivering the shoes.

Race to the other school and get Hubby and girls, race back home to drop girls off.  Hubby and I race to the HS to watch Bookworm perform for the judge.  Listen, clap proudly and tiredly shlep back out to the car.  Get home and collapse on the couch ready to fall asleep.  Only to get a phone call that reminds me I have a church engagement in 20 minutes.  Sigh exhaustedly and muster up my energy to head over to the church.

In the end it was worth it because Bookworm scored a 1 and moved onto State Solo and Ensemble!  But what a day!!

Here's his performance:

) In other news, tomorrow we are starting an "Unplugged Weekend" family experiment.  I'll let you know how that goes next week!  I won't be back tomorrow, so have a wonderful weekend!


VandyJ said...

Just a hint at what I may have in store for me as next year I will have one in junior high and one in kindergarten. Let the divide and conquer commence.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm exhausted after reading this!

Angie said...

The life of a mother! Some days are just totally exhausting aren't they? Enjoy your weekend!!

Amy said...

I am exhausted from just reading that! Wow! Yay for bookworm getting a 1! That is way exciting. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.