Monday, March 10, 2014

How many restarts do I get?

(Cough, cough), it's a little dusty in here...

I guess when you neglect the blog for like 7 months, it can grow a few cobwebs.  I'm going to try again to get my blog groove on.  So much has happened since I last blogged.  Perhaps I can get you caught up a little bit at a time over then next little while.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Probably not.  And by "you" I mean the imaginary people I'm pretending to write to since I'm not sure anyone remembers about this ole blog of mine.  That's what happens when you disappear forever a while.

A few highlights from the past 7 months:

We went on a family trip to California in November - actually over Thanksgiving!  The kids thought that Disneyland was totally overrated.  Which is what I thought the last time I went in 1990.  They LOVED Sea World, and Universal Studios.  We also stopped and visited all the temples along the way.   I'll share pics in an upcoming post!

This girl turned 13!  I can't even stand it.  She is growing into such a lovely, thoughtful young woman.  I'm not really sure what she's doing in this picture.  Goofing off with friends, I guess.  I never said she wasn't a dork!

This girl turned 7!  She's not my baby anymore and sometimes that makes me a little sad.  But it sure is fun to watch her imagination go, and a little amusing to see her try to act like her big sisters (you know, snotty when they don't get their way?)

This girl turned 11!  She's dying to wear mascara - but she has to wait one more year!  I can't believe how she's grown this past year.  Quite a transformation.

And this munchkin turned ONE!  No longer my little Baby Girl, she is walking around everywhere and soaking up anything and everything she observes.  She has already mastered the art of twisting open nail polish!  What??  She still fills our home with joy and laughter and not a little bit of frustration!  She is as strong willed as any of her siblings and twice as spoiled!

Of course there have been school musicals and concerts and recitals keeping us hopping. And the ever constant battle to get my house/life/brain in order!  Stay tuned and I'll share with you the challenge I'm taking to try and get more organized over the next 4 weeks, and hopefully beyond!  

To anyone who still ever visits this dusty old blog, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!


Amy said...

It seems there is a bit of resurgence in the blogosphere, of which I am a part. Mommy bloggers unite, yo!
Your girls are beautiful! Can't wait to hear more from you.

VandyJ said...

Good to see you back! Your girls are beautiful!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's good to see you back! I can't believe how much your girls have grown. It happens too fast, doesn't it?