Monday, August 13, 2012

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

The blog.  Sigh.  It's been a long time since I've been here.  I've missed it - but also been overwhelmed by the thought of jumping back in because so much has happened that I don't even know where to start.  Just as I would be thinking over in my head that I needed to get back and get stuff recorded, some new major experience would begin to unfold, and not only would I not find the time to get to the blog - it would also add a pile of more material that I would need to cover!

My summer has been interesting, to say the least.  I won't cover it all in one post, but just so you know, I haven't been neglecting you for no reason!  Here's a list of the things that have kept me away from being a good blogger:

An unexpected surprise
A fantastic week of blog friends visiting
Upsetting news
Meeting a long time blog friend, and making a new one
The drowning of a Boutique
A scare
Saying goodbye to my dad
A family with the plague

If you read over the list and thought that it sounds like I had a mostly crappy summer - well you would be right.  It started out amazing with my wonderful visit with wonderful friends, but quickly went downhill from there.  I figure the best way to get over my self-pity is just to get it all out on the blog and move on!

On a more cheerful note, who watched the Olympics?  Unless you're new here, you know I freaking LOVE the Olympics.  Have you had a favorite moment?  I've been a little distracted, so I haven't enjoyed them the way I normally do, but here are some things that have made me smile during the past couple weeks:


Phelps going out on top.

First team gold for U.S. women's gymnastics since '96

And of course, everything about this guy made me smile.  Oh yeah, and maybe cry a little too.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.  And maybe missed me at least a little bit.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the awesome girls who came to help me kick off the summer.


Rebecca said...

welcome back

Macey said...

Oh hai!!

Emmy said...

Yea!! Glad you are back. So sorry your summer ended so badly. And yes Pistorius was so inspirational!

Yona said...

good lucj for your Summer Vacation