Friday, January 22, 2010


Wanna hear what a freakin' idiot I am? MiMi says I should share with you then link up to her! I think she's exploiting her friend's (my) misfortune for her own amusement...what do ya think?

So, I'm going to a Luau tonight. It's a girls' night with some of our neighborhood/ward friends. We get together every so often and just have fun and relax. Have I ever mentioned how much I love our ward and my friends here? pretty much rocks.

ANYWAY.... My assignment for the party was to bring tropical slush. My mom has this fabulous recipe (for real, it is SO GOOD), but it makes a HUGE batch. Like a 5 gallon bucket-full. I've never made it before. When I called to get the recipe she invited me to come over since she had the 5 gallon mxing bucket, and the smaller containers to freeze it in. So I armed myself with my ingredients and headed over.

The process includes disolving 12 cups of sugar in water, and boiling it before transferring it to the bucket for mixing in the other ingredients. The other ingredients include frozen orange juice, lemonade, almond extract and pineapple juice. It was quite the process mixing it all and making sure all the frozen juice clumps were broken up, and evenly mixed. Stirring stuff in a 5 gallon bucket is a little trickier than one might think.

THEN you have to transfer the mixture into other, smaller containers for freezing. I think we filled about 6 other containers. Then we made multiple trips to schlep them outside to stick in the outside freezer.

As I grabbed the last container to head out, my mom made a comment about how expensive the pineapple juice is. PINEAPPLE JUICE! I forgot to add the pineapple juice! IDIOT!

We had to make multiple trips to bring all the containers back in, transfer them back into the 5 gallon bucket and add the pineapple juice! Then divide it amongst the containers and carry them out all over again! By the time we were finished, with the sloshing and splashing involved, we had quite the sticky mess left.

The girls BETTER enjoy the slush...they don't know the pain I went through to provide it!!!

Head over to my pal MiMi's to entertain yourself more at the expense of others!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I hate that!!!! I have forgotten an ingredient more times than I care to remember!! Have fun tonight.

Sheila said...

Aww - I'm so sorry! I HATE It when that happens!!!

Macey said...

I knew it would be a good post! ;)
Hey, of course I have to exploit you all, I am tired of laughing at my own dumbness. :)

Desert Rose said...

One of the many reasons that me and the kitchen don't get along! Sounds really yummy though!

Jenny said...

Too funny, sounds like a mess!

Heather said...

You're not an idiot! We've all done that. It does sound incredible yummy though!!

Rachelle said...

I've forgotten ingredients before!!! I felt like an idiot too. All us idiots should hang out, but probably should cook anything!

Sara said...

Your friends better enjoy it. You poor thing! I have been an aidiot also. It wasnt slush, but some kind of punch.

Have fun with the girls

Sara said...

Your friends better enjoy it. You poor thing! I have been an aidiot also. It wasnt slush, but some kind of punch.

Have fun with the girls

Lori E said...

I have made bran muffins without the bran. Not so good.
I think you should be sharing this slush recipe with us. Of course I would be adding tequila to mine cause that's how I roll.

Emmy said...

I think we have all forgotten an ingredient or two at some point. But yeah that does sound like a slushy sticky mess.

shortmama said...

LOL at least you remembered before it was all frozen!

Jen @ said...

That is sooo funny. I would totally do that. Really.

I love your new look. Very cute!


Sara said...

Just think of all the exercise you got moving all those containers back and forth! You burned more calories making it, than drinking it :)

Unknown said...

its been months since i have read any blogs.. yours is so different so cute! i love the picture of the kids!

I think I am back to blogging!

When I was a kid My grandpa made a paddle especially for string the 5 gallon bucket of juice before we froze it.. it traveled all over the family because that was our "Family Drink" every occasion that's what we had, !


I love this are not an idiot...but it is funny....I have done crazy things like catering too.....I made chicken tortilla rollups for a wedding not long ago....and the operant word here is chicken....mine were one noticed. without pineapple would have been very very tart.