Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Fox,

I loathe you. I cannot BELIEVE you pulled a stunt like this. Seriously? No SYTYCD Season 6 tour?

I want you to know what a crappy, low-blow I think you have handed out. Not just to the fans who watched faithfully all season and phoned in their votes to make sure their favorite dancers would make it on the tour, but most especially you have screwed the dancers over. The whole season they work their hearts out trying to move ahead. Their first short term goal after making the show, is to make it through all the cuts into the top 10. Because this means they will be part of the tour. They will be doing what they love, night after night, gaining more exposure and experience to help them further their career in dance. Do you need any help pulling the knives out of their backs?

It would be one thing if you had announced from the beginning that the Fall season would not be followed by a top ten tour as the summer seasons have been. But to wait until the season is over then just say to the dancers "oh, by the tour."? Especially since the judges have been acting all along like there would be a tour...even Nigel made a comment to the effect of "wow, the top 12 are so good, as far as I'm concerned this season's tour needs to be a top 12 tour!"

Yeah. Well as far as I'm pretty much suck. I'm not sure if I can even continue watching your programming at this point.

A really ticked off viewer, and disappointed dance fan

Dear Legacy,

Words cannot express my devastation at the news that I will not be able to drool over watch you dance live. I still cannot believe you didn't make the so deserved it. But I consoled myself with the fact that as soon as the finale aired, the tour would be announced and with 3 dancers with Utah roots, there would be SURE to be a tour stop in SLC. I was giddy with anticipation at seeing you dance again...and LIVE!

Your dancing takes my breath away. And it doesn't hurt that you are really hot. Now I will have to console myself by watching videos like the following over and over and over again. At least until the jackwads at Dick Clark Productions yank the videos and leave me with nothing.

Sincerely - from my broken heart to yours,

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think they ought to make it up to them and feature them on the next summer show in little pieces and let them tour next summer.

I am just hoping they put it back in the summer, when it can get the viewers again. WAY too rushed this Fall.

Myya said...

WHAT??? That IS total crap! These dancers deserve to have a tour - they so got jipped!!! I love SYTYCD, they better shape up or I just may not play their little games & watch next season!
P.S. I agree Legacy is so hot!

Macey said...

Just don't take it out on Fox News okay..I mean they have the same parent company and all, but still...
Hey, I meant to tell you yesterday that I love your new background and header!

Emmy said...

I can't believe they did that! That just seems cheap and dirty.. :( Sorry

Unknown said...

I read an article back in November that the only reason Fox did a fall SYTYCD is that they didn't have any good fall programming and they wanted to "try" it in the fall. BUT they had a much lower amount of viewers than in the summer and they think that was b/c they just did a show in the summer or viewers had other things to watch in the fall. If you noticed, they speed through the show unlike how they dragged it out in the summer (with review shows, fav dances, etc). And they plan on keeping it as a summer show from now on.

The tour is pretty expensive to produce and doesn't earn that much revenue, so they scapped it. My hope it that they might combine the next tour with dancers from this past season and the next. Maybe we can write to Fox to suggest that? I feel for the dancers- feel they didn't get as much exposure as the last season on TV and no tour!! Alos, (cause I'm a dork), I follow a lot of them on twitter and they all are teaching classes at studios and many are auditioning for shows, tv, movies, etc. Good for them!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

PS. How in the heck did you get your gorgeous children to pose for that amazing photo????!!!!

shortmama said...

Awwww that stinks!!

Froggylady said...

Yeah, I was so ticked. I wanted to see Legacy dance too! Fox really sucks for doing that to the dancers and fans. Even if they didn't do the tour right away, they should do one in the spring or something. It's ridiculous.

Froggylady said...

Yeah, I was so ticked. I wanted to see Legacy dance too! Fox really sucks for doing that to the dancers and fans. Even if they didn't do the tour right away, they should do one in the spring or something. It's ridiculous.

Lori E said...

I have never watched your version of the show but I did follow last seasons Canadian version because I knew one of the contestants.
Her name is Tara Jean Popowich and we were thrilled that she won the whole competition. Screeeeeam. Fist pump......
What made it better was that I knew she was a really nice young woman and she worked really hard to get there.
Of course I blogged all about her and Twittered & Facebooked repeatedly.

kado! said...

hmmm...i had no idea...i tried to watch that show..and it just didn't catch on for me...

sorry for you though...I hate it when a show I love is not continued!!! it makes me mad too!!