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Mod Podge Mania!!!

Welcome friends! I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend! Mine has been jam packed with cramming to get my mod podge projects kind of snuck up on me this month!

Let's recap the rules. Link up any mod podge project you'd like to share. It can be an old post or a new one. It can be your own idea, or one you saw somewhere else you'd like to share...just remember to give credit where credit is due!

Please include a link back to my blog in your post so that others will know where to come check out some more great projects! Then make sure to go visit as many other mod podge maniacs as you can! Can't wait to see what you've all come up with this month!!

For me, I wanted to make over some end tables for my Living Room Redo project with Shortmama that I'll be posting about later on. I wanted them to match the chest I did for last month's Mod Podge Mania. To see the chest go here.

I started out with these end tables that we got for FREE from a work associate of my husband's who got new furniture. I knew they would be great for a future project. We've had them in the bedroom as nightstands, but I swapped them out with the ones from the living room.

I mod podged brown paper onto the tops and spray painted the bottoms black. I also darkened both the table tops and the trunk with brown shoe polish per The Masked Mommy's suggestion last month.

I love how they turned out and how they coordinate with the trunk.

Next up I have these little chairs that went with desk sets my older kids got for Christmas years ago that they have long since outgrown. Monkey LOVES little chairs that are just her size, so I decided to "cute" one up for her!

I used some colorful scrapbook paper, along with the help of my trusty cricut and came up with this:

I took these pictures while it was still drying, so you can still see some white where the glue hasn't totally dried, and some ripples that haven't settled yet.

It's not perfect, but she ADORES it. It has been a nightmare trying to keep her off of it until it dries completely!

Now I turn it over to you ladies! Let's see all your fabulousness!


I love that chair!!! It is so darn cute! You are so talented.
shortmama said…
Great job! The tables are awesome! And the chair is cute!
Dawn said…
Love the tables, Xazmin! And that chair is adorable!!!
amybluestar said…
Xazmin - please message me - I'd love to send you some Mod Podge so that my website can "sponsor" your next Mod Podge mania!


Unknown said…
You did a great job! I really love the little chair! I need to try this stuff. TFS
Great job- when I first saw the table, I thought, "How on earth will she re-do that?" and they look awesome!!!

The chair is adorable too!!

Alicia said…
Sheesh! That Table is AMAZING! Really. And that chair is so flippin' cute! What GREAT ideas! I'm going to keep an eye out for things I can DO THAT TO!!
Tina said…
Great job....

I would love to do a wall with the brown paper bags but have never gotten up the nerve to do it!

I love to take something and redo it....
Anonymous said…
You did a Fabulous job Xazmin!!
I'm so proud of you and your creativity!!!
I love that the tables coordinate with the trunk! Good job! The chair is precious. (Do ripples settle? I just threw out two attempts earlier in the week because they rippled up immediately...)
michelle said…
ohhhh....I need to find something to Mod Podge! :)
Cassie said…
Wow that chair looks great! It's just so cute!
Mama Nut said…
What font cartridge was that on the cricut? WAY CUTE! That was a super good idea. I have yet to brave the mod modge since a very ripply disatrous project but you are making me a believer...
Cute, cute, cute. I love the projects. That chair is adorable!

Maridith said…
Both wonderful projects!!! Looks like someone was procrastinating a little????? You are one talented lady. I will be adding my post soon. Don't laugh at me because my mother TOTALLY did!!
Jennifer said…
I want the chair!
Just posted mine....I've had it done since Nat'l Scrapbooking Day! Not as creative as yours - but it's something!
Rhonda said… the cool!

The chair is adorable! I love it! May have to look into getting a Circuit one of these days! Ohhh wouldn't it be so cool to find one cheap at a garage sale!!! Dreaming a little!
Fantastic projects! I love both pieces -- great job!
Heidi Boos said…
Mod Podge Mania definitely snuck up on me also!! But thankfully I had some projects that I already knew I wanted to share, so I didn't have to squeak anything out last minute...I just had to write the post!

Love the chair! I've been thinking about doing some Mod Podge with paper on the little table that we have in our play room. Let me know how well it holds up with all the use it gets. Are you going to put some sort of finish on it?
Sturgmom said…
The chair is so awesome!! I love the tables too. Did you cover them the same way as the trunks, with the crinkled paper?
jennykate77 said…
SUPER cute! I love the chair!
kado! said…
Wow...that chair is just too cute! i ♥ it!!!
kia said…
I'm going to post to our blog great idea!
Mama King said…
Congrats on the Plaid feature! You always do such amazing projects with Mod Podge!
What an interesting technique! I love how that ladybug chair turned out... too cute :).

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